Snow Plowing Statement

SNOW PLOW STATEMENT: Isle Harbor Township, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota, has
the safety of the traveling public and Township residents as its main concern and
GOAL: The Township’s goal is to have all Township roads passable within a reasonable
amount of time after snowfall stops. Plowing priorities reflect a commitment to keeping
key roads open to serve critical facilities and provide access between our community
and County and State roads and highways.
PLOWING: The Township will not plow until after a snowfall has stopped. During
extended periods of snowfall, exceptions may be made when accumulations exceed
three (3) inches, or when snow is particularly heavy, wet or icy. Snow plows will not be
sent out in conditions deemed by the Township Road Supervisor to be hazardous.
Snow plowing may be stopped during low visibility or conditions otherwise determined
to be hazardous by the Snow Plow Operator. If snowfall stops during regular working
hours, plows may be dispatched at that time. If the snowfall stops during night or early
morning hours, plows will be dispatched at an early morning time according to the
conditions. Weekend plowing will be handled in a similar fashion
The Township Board secures its snow removal services through a Contractor. It does
not have direct control over the availability of personnel, equipment or the timing of the
service delivery. The Town’s service agreement outlines work to be performed and the
performance expectations, but the Contractor must remain free to exercise initiative and
discretion in how best to perform or provide the services.
Questions or concerns regarding snow removal and/or road conditions should be
directed to Isle Harbor Township officials.
Pamela McGuire, Clerk
612-644-7330 – I will do my best to answer all calls, but please feel free to leave a
message and I will return your call as soon as possible.